Bulbs – Our Cheerful Heralds of Spring

If you’re anything like me, when winter’s grayness feels like it may actually be permanent and I’m despairing that it will always be jacket weather, I look to the garden for a glimpse of spring. The site of a tiny flower bursting through the frozen ground and half-melted snow makes me want to bury my jacket into the deepest depths of my closet. Finally! The end of winter is near and spring bulbs have arrived to transition your garden from winter into spring. Planted in large massings and … [Read more...]

Design Benefits of Winter

The Design Benefits of Winter

As we trudge through the end of winter and into spring, the landscape can look stark and barren. The deciduous plants have all dropped their leaves, the evergreens are looking dull, and the grasses and Hydrangeas we’ve left up for winter interest are starting to sag. Winter’s starkness can be a little too austere for many people, but for landscape architects and designers winter can offer a valued perspective. When your landscape is down to its bare bones it reveals its problem areas and … [Read more...]