Summer + Food + Fireworks = Patriotic Bliss!

The best part of July 4th, besides the federally approved day off, is of course being surrounded by friends and family…and food, drinks, and copious amounts of fireworks. So throw down those Pop-Its (Bang Snaps? What are these called anyway?), fire up the grill, and light the sparklers. Throw in some pool, lake, ocean, or sprinkler action and we have an all out summer holiday party going on. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough waterfront to go around for everyone to live right on the … [Read more...]

Scott Byron - How to Manage Water on Your Property

How to Manage Water on Your Property

Given the weather these past couple of months I would bet that someone, somewhere in the Chicagoland area, is being rained on, lost in a cloud of fog, or smothered by the humidity. To say that May and June have been wet months is an understatement. In fact, the WGN Chicago Weather Center reports that we’ve already received 5.14” of rain in June (70% more than average) and 4.98” of rain in May (35% more than average). At this point, the ground is pretty well saturated and unfortunately many of … [Read more...]