Bluestone terrace with espalier apple tree

The Growing and Caring of Apple Trees

Fall is my favorite season and within it, October is my favorite month. There are many reasons for this preference (the cool, crisp weather; the fall colors; bonfires and s’mores; etc…), but one of them is because this is the prime time for apples. Sure, you can get the supermarket standbys like Gala, Jazz, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples all year at your local supermarket, but during the apple season you can get more than your every day variety. Stayman, Empire, and … [Read more...]

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The Great Perennial Divide

Let's talk about a great annual event in Chicago. For the past fifteen or so years, Scott Byron & Co. has been working with Openlands and the Chicago Community Gardens Association to organize the annual Great Perennial Divide, a fall plant giveaway event. This year the event was held on September 27th with three plant distribution locations - Garfield Park, the North Park Village Nature Center, and the Embassy Church. We at Scott Byron & Co. reach out to local nurseries and ask for … [Read more...]