June is National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month, which is appropriate since all the roses are currently in bloom. Though some organizations in our industry seem to have moved away from awarding traditional gardens and have instead embraced contemporary designs with monoculture planting schemes, I remain charmed by these cheerful hallmarks of the traditional garden. Bursting with color, roses have long been associated with love and appreciation and so I think this is a good time to reflect that love and appreciation … [Read more...]

Viburnum leaf beetle invasion1

Beetle Invasion for the 2010’s

Over the weekend, I caught up on the Chicato Botanic Garden’s blog. Another great resource of up to date information. Their most recent post was in regards to the viburnum leaf beetle that has been working its way across the states. A couple years ago it arrived in the Chicago suburbs and a few days ago they found the beetle in two separate locations in the gardens. In both instances they were found on the arrowwood viburnums, which seems to be their preferred food source (at the moment, at … [Read more...]