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The Art of Project Management

Have you ever tried project managing – whether for yourself for a home project or for someone else? I recently bought a place and have been wading through a kitchen renovation and the installation of central air conditioning. What I’ve come to realize is that wrangling contractors while keeping on schedule (and on budget!) is exhausting and difficult. The skills needed to effectively project manage – excellent organization, communication, and problem solving skills – make all the difference in … [Read more...]

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Cutting Gardens

One of my favorite things is looking out into the garden on a quiet morning when most people are still sleeping, or just getting up, and the sun is just starting to come through the windows. With the windows open and a soft breeze sweeping in, carrying the sweet fragrance of summer flowers and cut lawn, I’m truly in heaven. Just writing this transports me back to my childhood bedroom, waking up and looking out the window to my neighborhood below. Those moments where the breeze, sun, and … [Read more...]

Scott 4th

Happy 4th

The past few weeks have been an exciting time to be an American… Supreme Court rulings, talking about reestablishing embassies with Cuba, and advancing to the finals in the Women’s World Cup. Hurray, U.S.A.! Whether you agree with the rulings, relations, or sporting results, I hope you are at least admiring our American democratic process and our amazing athletic abilities. Bonus for us Chicagoans, and all Blackhawks fans really, for having a winning team. All this makes us proud to be an … [Read more...]