Fall Planting

FALL PLANTINGS……….. The other day I was with a friend visiting her grandmother and was asked what landscape firms are doing now that summer is over. It’s a fairly common question and I understand why people believe that we are wrapping up for the year when all the garden centers are selling plants at discount and are shortening their work hours. It may be surprising to you to know that while many of these garden centers are tucking in for the winter, we are ramping up to complete as many … [Read more...]

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State of Your Garden Address

There comes a time when you look out your window to your garden beyond and think, what happened? Your once meticulously manicured garden had over time become overgrown, poorly maintained or pruned, or any number of other factors that may render your garden as less than ideal. It happens to all of us at some point. Plants have natural life spans that may be 20 years or 100 years. They may have been pushed to the edge of their preferred environment – maybe a little wetter or with a little more … [Read more...]