Project Spotlight – The Art of Problem Solving

Sometimes the most complex project, or project element, springs forth from a seemingly simple question. That's where the art of problem solving comes in. For this project, the question was "How can we get the client to the beach from their house at the top of the bluff?" A simple A to B problem that has many solutions (a funicular? a set of steps? a ramp? a slide?), but only one that worked for the client. Getting to that solution took a lot of discussion, concepting, trial and error grading … [Read more...]


Visiting the U of I Student Career Fair

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Landscape Architecture's student career fair with my fellow designer, Kristi Krumtinger. Both of us are graduates of the program so it's a special delight to go back and talk with the students about Mumford and TBH studios, shared professors, and shared experiences. The enthusiasm and passion pouring out of these students have yet to be dampened by budgets, committees, or zoning codes. Though these things all … [Read more...]