cutting garden

Cutting Gardens

One of my favorite things is looking out into the garden on a quiet morning when most people are still sleeping, or just getting up, and the sun is just starting to come through the windows. With the windows open and a soft breeze sweeping in, carrying the sweet fragrance of summer flowers and cut lawn, I’m truly in heaven. Just writing this transports me back to my childhood bedroom, waking up and looking out the window to my neighborhood below. Those moments where the breeze, sun, and … [Read more...]

Scott 4th

Happy 4th

The past few weeks have been an exciting time to be an American… Supreme Court rulings, talking about reestablishing embassies with Cuba, and advancing to the finals in the Women’s World Cup. Hurray, U.S.A.! Whether you agree with the rulings, relations, or sporting results, I hope you are at least admiring our American democratic process and our amazing athletic abilities. Bonus for us Chicagoans, and all Blackhawks fans really, for having a winning team. All this makes us proud to be an … [Read more...]


June is National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month, which is appropriate since all the roses are currently in bloom. Though some organizations in our industry seem to have moved away from awarding traditional gardens and have instead embraced contemporary designs with monoculture planting schemes, I remain charmed by these cheerful hallmarks of the traditional garden. Bursting with color, roses have long been associated with love and appreciation and so I think this is a good time to reflect that love and appreciation … [Read more...]

Viburnum leaf beetle invasion1

Beetle Invasion for the 2010’s

Over the weekend, I caught up on the Chicato Botanic Garden’s blog. Another great resource of up to date information. Their most recent post was in regards to the viburnum leaf beetle that has been working its way across the states. A couple years ago it arrived in the Chicago suburbs and a few days ago they found the beetle in two separate locations in the gardens. In both instances they were found on the arrowwood viburnums, which seems to be their preferred food source (at the moment, at … [Read more...]


Memorial Day Musing

Memorial Day is a very complex holiday to me. On the one hand, we celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer; on the other hand, we express our immeasurable gratitude to the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our welfare. Somehow, those two meet and we end up with a holiday weekend that, I think, ultimately celebrates life. When I originally began thinking about what to write for today’s blog post, I was going to talk about memorial gardens…and I still am, I guess, but in a … [Read more...]


Who We Are

  The North Shore certainly does not have a shortage of landscape architect firms, so why decide to hire Scott Byron & Co. to design, build, and manage your property? Who are we, roaming around the North Shore and Chicago and into Wisconsin and Michigan? We are a full array of people, both in front of you and hidden behind the plan and proposal before you. We walk the property with you, discussing improvements; we answer your call and direct you to an employee best suited to help … [Read more...]

Picture 1 Scott Byron & Company Spring Flowers Blog 2

Spring-ing Thoughts

Knock on wood, we are done with winter and snow. The days have warmed and rain is soaking the earth and encouraging plants to grow. Spring has sprung! The North Shore is awash in delicate blue scilla bulbs and daffodils are beginning to pop up through the beds. It’s my favorite time of the year, when everything is new and everything has potential. This time of year, our Property Improvement crews are out in force doing spring cleanups for our clients. Cutting shrubs, perennials, and grasses … [Read more...]


The Myth of the Winter Slowdown

The leaves fall, the temperature drops, and the garden certainly looks austere. Winter has arrived and its icy grip on the landscape has taken hold. The snow falls, builds, melts, turns to ice, and then melts some more. All the while we are anxiously awaiting spring, or at least 40 degree weather. Whatever we can get! How does a landscape architect fit into the reality of winter? I barely want to look outside at this point and I miss the smell of spring, but I am not idle. One of the most … [Read more...]

winter arrangement

Building a Winter Arrangement

With this year’s early cold snap, many of our clients' fall arrangements wilted before the holiday and we had to ramp up our winter interest arrangement installations. Personally, winter arrangements are my favorite because they look great during what is typically the landscape's bleakest time of the year. We don’t even have a pretty blanket of snow yet, just the cold. Having lived in a balcony-less apartment or in an apartment where my roommate did all the decorating work, I only knew the … [Read more...]

Bluestone terrace with espalier apple tree

The Growing and Caring of Apple Trees

Fall is my favorite season and within it, October is my favorite month. There are many reasons for this preference (the cool, crisp weather; the fall colors; bonfires and s’mores; etc…), but one of them is because this is the prime time for apples. Sure, you can get the supermarket standbys like Gala, Jazz, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples all year at your local supermarket, but during the apple season you can get more than your every day variety. Stayman, Empire, and … [Read more...]