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The Great Perennial Divide

Let's talk about a great annual event in Chicago. For the past fifteen or so years, Scott Byron & Co. has been working with Openlands and the Chicago Community Gardens Association to organize the annual Great Perennial Divide, a fall plant giveaway event. This year the event was held on September 27th with three plant distribution locations - Garfield Park, the North Park Village Nature Center, and the Embassy Church. We at Scott Byron & Co. reach out to local nurseries and ask for … [Read more...]


Planning Ahead for Fall Annuals

7 weeks until Halloween. 11 weeks until Thanksgiving. 14 weeks until Chanukah. 15 weeks until Christmas. I am already overwhelmed for the holidays despite them being, at minimum, 7 weeks away. I still have to make my nephews' Halloween costumes. They want to be dinosaurs and even though I’ve had the pattern for the tails for over a month I haven’t done a thing. Oops. I just moved this summer so my family has nominated me to host Thanksgiving this year for the first time. Should I panic? Some … [Read more...]

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Our Last Moments of Summer

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the end of summer, especially since this past week has been a hot, muggy mess. There’s a lot to love about summer – lush lawns, vibrant perennial borders, seemingly endless days, and warm summer nights. Ah, sweet bliss! It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though; we also have to deal with sweltering heat, voracious mosquitoes, and overwhelming crowds of people. Hmm, now I’m not sure if I want summer to go on forever or move aside for fall. (Actually, I … [Read more...]

Art in the Garden - Scott Byron & Co.

Art in the Garden

Has it already been four weeks since my last post? We’ve been in the heart of one of our busiest times in the year, when each moment is filled with researching, concepting, drafting, permitting, and estimating. It’s a lot of work, but a bonus is being able to go on site visits on perfect summer days. We must enjoy it now since in a handful of months we’ll be doing site visits in the snow and freezing temperatures. In the midst of all the insanity at work, I remembered that gardening and … [Read more...]


Summer + Food + Fireworks = Patriotic Bliss!

The best part of July 4th, besides the federally approved day off, is of course being surrounded by friends and family…and food, drinks, and copious amounts of fireworks. So throw down those Pop-Its (Bang Snaps? What are these called anyway?), fire up the grill, and light the sparklers. Throw in some pool, lake, ocean, or sprinkler action and we have an all out summer holiday party going on. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough waterfront to go around for everyone to live right on the … [Read more...]

Scott Byron - How to Manage Water on Your Property

How to Manage Water on Your Property

Given the weather these past couple of months I would bet that someone, somewhere in the Chicagoland area, is being rained on, lost in a cloud of fog, or smothered by the humidity. To say that May and June have been wet months is an understatement. In fact, the WGN Chicago Weather Center reports that we’ve already received 5.14” of rain in June (70% more than average) and 4.98” of rain in May (35% more than average). At this point, the ground is pretty well saturated and unfortunately many of … [Read more...]


The Bold Beauty of Summer Annuals

As much as I love Purple Coneflowers, Daisies, and Hostas, there is something to be said for the bold beauty of Hibiscus, Fuchsia, Elephant’s Ear, Persian Shield, and so many other non-hardy herbaceous plants. Summer annuals accent your garden with punches of color and textures that you cannot get with most perennials. The availability of extensive annual varieties allows you to fill in nearly any space in your garden, whether wet, dry, full-sun, or shade. At Scott Byron & Co., Inc., our … [Read more...]


Creating a Grill Center for Grill Season

Like many other people, I consider Memorial Day the unofficial beginning of summer. Coincidentally, I also consider this the beginning of grill season. You may bear the merciless winter chill to bring your family BBQ Chicken in January, but that doesn’t mean grill season extends into winter. That just means you recognize the perfection of grill foods, and I like that about you. There’s a lot of debate regarding gas grills vs. charcoal grills, but I’ll leave that up to you to discuss amongst … [Read more...]


The Five Hallmarks of Good Design

It can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes up “good design” and a lot of times it’s a situation where you know good design when you see it. Or maybe more accurately, good design is when you don’t even notice when it’s happening. Either way, it’s pretty obvious to us when we see a bad design. So, what exactly are some of the hallmarks of good design? For insight I turned to Landscape Architect and salesman, Chuck Hyams. Chuck has been with the company since 1989 and has become an … [Read more...]


Bulbs – Our Cheerful Heralds of Spring

If you’re anything like me, when winter’s grayness feels like it may actually be permanent and I’m despairing that it will always be jacket weather, I look to the garden for a glimpse of spring. The site of a tiny flower bursting through the frozen ground and half-melted snow makes me want to bury my jacket into the deepest depths of my closet. Finally! The end of winter is near and spring bulbs have arrived to transition your garden from winter into spring. Planted in large massings and … [Read more...]