More Than a Pretty Place – Benefits of Green Spaces

There's something about green spaces - gardens, forests, prairies, etc... - that calls to us to approach, to touch, and to explore. They effortlessly hold our attention, while also setting us free of stresses and worries. There's a theory called the biophilia hypothesis, developed by Edward O. Wilson, that proposes our love of nature and other life forms is part of our evolutionary history and genetic makeup. We are attracted to life (animals and plants) because they support our life and have … [Read more...]


Visiting the U of I Student Career Fair

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Landscape Architecture's student career fair with my fellow designer, Kristi Krumtinger. Both of us are graduates of the program so it's a special delight to go back and talk with the students about Mumford and TBH studios, shared professors, and shared experiences. The enthusiasm and passion pouring out of these students have yet to be dampened by budgets, committees, or zoning codes. Though these things all … [Read more...]


Holiday Traditions

Some say that this is the most wonderful time of year and since we've been spared the bitterly cold weather (so far) I am especially inclined to agree. Over the years, the most wonderful part of the season has evolved from presents, sledding down hills at breakneck speeds, baking cookies, listening to Ray Conniff's Christmas albums...actually you know what, I still love those things. They've just become a mixture of seasonal traditions and holiday traditions. Decorated butter cookies don't even … [Read more...]


Thoughts on Being Thankful (and Happy Thanksgiving!)

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Somewhere between the first new design of the year, back on January 9th, and the 108th design (our current number) the seasons have passed us by. 108 new designs, that’s amazing! It doesn’t even include all the revisions and add-ons to existing projects or most of the projects brought in by our Property Improvement group. So much to be thankful for – our clients, our subcontractors, and of course the employees of Scott Byron & Co. Last … [Read more...]


The Sunrise

Several years ago I read in the Farmer’s Almanac that viewing the sunrise on the Summer Solstice would bring good luck for the year.  Whether that was true or simply an old Farmer’s tale, I figured I could use a little extra luck, so why not give it a try?  It was quite a task getting myself up and out.  Did you know the sun rises at 5:15 am on the Summer Solstice? It’s true.  That means in order to get down to the beach from my house (a twenty minute drive) I had to get up at 4am, shower, … [Read more...]


Hearts in Harmony

Last Saturday, approximately 80 Scott Bryon & Co. employees bused ourselves over to Hyde Park Elementary School in Waukegan to help clean and fix-up their school playground. It was amazing in many ways; not only did we have the chance to give back to the community, but we also had a chance to work alongside other members of the SBC family that we wouldn’t normally interact with on a day-to-day basis. I’m really fortunate to have the coworkers that I have, you couldn’t ask for a better group … [Read more...]

Scott 4th

Happy 4th

The past few weeks have been an exciting time to be an American… Supreme Court rulings, talking about reestablishing embassies with Cuba, and advancing to the finals in the Women’s World Cup. Hurray, U.S.A.! Whether you agree with the rulings, relations, or sporting results, I hope you are at least admiring our American democratic process and our amazing athletic abilities. Bonus for us Chicagoans, and all Blackhawks fans really, for having a winning team. All this makes us proud to be an … [Read more...]


Memorial Day Musing

Memorial Day is a very complex holiday to me. On the one hand, we celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer; on the other hand, we express our immeasurable gratitude to the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our welfare. Somehow, those two meet and we end up with a holiday weekend that, I think, ultimately celebrates life. When I originally began thinking about what to write for today’s blog post, I was going to talk about memorial gardens…and I still am, I guess, but in a … [Read more...]


Who We Are

  The North Shore certainly does not have a shortage of landscape architect firms, so why decide to hire Scott Byron & Co. to design, build, and manage your property? Who are we, roaming around the North Shore and Chicago and into Wisconsin and Michigan? We are a full array of people, both in front of you and hidden behind the plan and proposal before you. We walk the property with you, discussing improvements; we answer your call and direct you to an employee best suited to help … [Read more...]

Bluestone terrace with espalier apple tree

The Growing and Caring of Apple Trees

Fall is my favorite season and within it, October is my favorite month. There are many reasons for this preference (the cool, crisp weather; the fall colors; bonfires and s’mores; etc…), but one of them is because this is the prime time for apples. Sure, you can get the supermarket standbys like Gala, Jazz, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples all year at your local supermarket, but during the apple season you can get more than your every day variety. Stayman, Empire, and … [Read more...]